About Us

After rekindling a love of crafts while planning our wedding a few years ago we have never looked back with homemade bunting, quilts and cushions becoming the norm in our house. Before I knew it not an evening went by without some sort of project on the go! But then our lives changed again, and after expanding our family from two (teenage) boys to three, work seemed like it should be a pleasure and not a chore, so when the opportunity to turn this ever absorbing hobby into something more came up, it was simply too good to turn down.


Team Tilly

 We are a family run business, so meet the family!


Roberta - Our host and heroine! As the organiser of the family, she is the one who has made all of this happen. Her passion for homemaking and eye for detail is second-to-none. Come to visit us and meet Sew Tilly Mint herself!

Mike - See him with a smile on his face day or night! Mike has a supporting role and is responsible for the development and upkeep of the website.

Aidan - The eldest and the loudest member of the family! Aidan provides assistance with social media.

Eoin - Efficiency itself, Eoin puts his organisational talents to use assisting with processing and packaging orders. 

Will - Acting managing director! Despite being under 6, Will ensures that things go smoothly by keeping us all on our toes

Rory - Our newest, cutest member and an occasional guest at knit and natter, Rory completes our team and wins everyone over with his smile :).