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  1. Well, did I get the shawl finished??

    Yes I did - this is such a fab pattern, easy to follow and the shawl grows so quickly. I totally recommend it if you'd like to have a go. I would not recommend using mohair wool, however, for any type of crochet, unless you are quite experienced, as it was difficult to work with.

    This was my first time using this wool and safe to say I won't be digging it out again any time soon! It was however a beautiful colour and matched the guys suits and my dress perfectly. 

    I didn't crochet as many rows as the pattern stated as I am somewhat vertically challenged and didn't want it to drown me completely. I kept measuring it against me and simply stopped adding rows when I was happy with the shape and length. I then edged it along both diagonal sides (not along the top) using chain and double crochet stitches only -  how easy! 

    I weaved a navy ribbon through the chain spaces along the edge of the shawl (you can just about see this in the picture) to add a different texture to the shawl and to co-ordinate with the ribbon on the back of the dress.

    I did think about using a contrasting colour but decided against it on this occasion as the dress was 'busy' enough in my opinion. I can change the ribbon any time though as it can be simply pulled through to remove and another colour weaved in.

    So there you go, an individual, handmade item which is both unique and adaptable, created by me in about 5-5.5 hours overall. It would have taken less time with different wool too. I did it over about nine days working 0.5-1.5 hours at a time. There were days I didn't touch it all in that time frame too. Result! 

    Here is the link to the pattern again:

    Have a try - remember - wool is the ultimate recyclable material, it can be reused with such ease, there really is nothing to lose.


    Ciao for now!




    Here I am by the beautiful Lake Iseo wearing my shawl 

    shawl completed 1jpg



  2. Ok it's been 5 days since I decided to make a shawl to wear to an upcoming wedding. Let me tell you how I've been getting on..............

    I headed to, my favourite site for patterns - if you haven't checked this site out before you really need to, they have so many ideas and loads of free patterns. I found a free instant download pattern for a shawl which didn't look too difficult at all. I had to choose ease over anything else as I am up against the clock with this make!


                                   shawl pattern picture                crochet diagram

    This pattern can be found via the link

    What do you think? I think it'll look fab as it's big enough to wear lots of ways and the pattern is really simple. The written pattern is easy to follow but I personally prefer to work from a chart like the one shown above. I think it's easier to see where you're up to at a glance rather than wade through lines and lines of written pattern instructions. Try both and see which you prefer!

    The pattern stated that I use two different yarns simultaneously and that I use a 5mm crochet I promptly ignored these instructions (as I tend to do) and dug out some fabulous blue mohair yarn from my personal stash. My cunning plan is that that this colour should look great with both my dress and hubby's suit. I had my favourite 4.5mm (what difference can 0.5mm make anyway??) crochet hook to hand so that'll be put into action to:

                                          shawl materials

    Pattern - check. Yarn - check. Hook - check. I'm good to go! It's worth mentioning that this is an American pattern and as those of you who have crocheted before will know, stitch terminology differs between US and UK patterns. So instead of doing single crochet and treble crochet as the pattern states, I will be doing double crochet and double treble crochet stitches.

    Here is the shawl after about 30mins:

    shawl 1


    Doesn't look like much? Here it is again after about 2 hours:

    shawl 2


    I'm really pleased with the prgress and the simplicity of the pattern means it is growing quite quickly. I have reservations about the wool though - not sure mohair was the perfect choice as it is slightly awkward to work with but hopefully it will add to the floaty effect when it's finished!

    Well, that's where I'm up to so far, I reckon I'm about halfway. Ideally I need to have finished by Wednesday afternoon so that gives me 3 more evenings to fit in some shawl making time. WIll I make it? Will it look good enough to wear when it's done? Stay tuned to find out :)................